Frequently Asked Questions



Are your prices listed on your website?


Our solutions are always custom-built to match your goals, challenges, and circumstances. For information on pricing, please give us a call.



What is smart home technology? 


Smart home technology can connect every system in your home giving you, the homeowner, instant access to your home’s systems, whether you are at home or sunning on a beach another continent away. Fortified Solutions can integrate everything in your home: TV, audio, networking, climate control, green home technology, lighting, security and surveillance, even outside landscape lighting and entertainment.



Is the smart home technology difficult to use?

Not at all. Yes your home or business will be high-tech but your life will be streamlined and more secure. Everything is controlled from a wall-mounted keypad, hand-held remote, tablet or smartphone, all labeled with the tasks each can accomplish with the touch of your finger. Imaging you are rushing out the door for work: Simply pressing “away” locks all your doors, alarms, the security system, turns off the lights and non-essential devices, and sets your thermostat to an away setting, saving precious energy – not to mention your valuable time.